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Freelancing, alternative source of income

Freelancing, alternative source of income is one of the most smeared topic in the entire world. Limitation in Job Market! Barriers in startup Business!! Competition increases in job Market in every year!!! These are the common scenario all over the world. Freelancing can be an alternative source of income or solution of these problems. Is it easy to be a freelancer? Firstly, we have to understand, what is freelancing? What is the scope? And what are the requirements or skills need to be a freelancer?

There is a misconception regarding freelancing. Maximum of us think that Freelancing means market place. This is totally a wrong concept. In fact, Market place is a medium of freelancing. Actually freelancing is more than that. Freelancing is a self employed job, hired to work for different companies or persons on particular assignment. So, freelancing is not limited to the market place rather self employed job hired by others for a specific assignment. In this article, we will concentrate on online freelancing.

To become a successful freelancer, one has to concentrate on the followings:

  • Hard Work
  • Discipline
  • Motivation
  • Patience
  • Support Network
  • New Skills

The hardest part of the freelancing is that one success depends on him/her. The final earning and growth of a freelancer depends on the amount of time and works invest by him/her.

What skill do you need to be a successful freelancer? If you have knowledge on Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Web design and development even if you can write cover letter, resume, term pager, research paper, articles writings etc, you can get work on freelancing market both in home and abroad. There is no matter to earn $1,000+/- per month if you have expertise on those mentioned categories. But you have to learn to earn from online freelancing.

To get the skill or expertise in freelancing, you have to learn the skill. One can get skill through self learning from online source like different tutorials, blogs, free courses, free Vlogs etc. Even different university also offer free courses on Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Virtual Assistance, freelancing etc. There is also many paid courses in home and abroad by which one can get skilled.

The Government of different countries has realized that freelancing is one of vital medium for earning especially foreign currency as an alternative source of income in near future. That’s why they have been given different facilities like free learning, free equipment, especial identity card for freelancer, tax free earnings etc. After the effect of COVID 19, the freelancing marketing is boomed and it will play a vital role in the economy in near future.

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